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Treatment of Heart Failure:
ACE inhibitors; Beta-blockers; Calcium channel blockers; Diuretics; Endothelin-converting enzyme inhibitors
Asif Awan
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The order of resuscitation for heart sounds from right to left:
Aortic, Pulmonary, Tricuspid, Mitra
muhammad ilyas
Basic MI management - Bed rest, Oxygen, Opiate, Monitoring, Anticoagulation, Reduce clot size
muhammad ilyas
The many unwanted affects of amiodarone: Cutaneous photosensitivity, Hepatic dysfunction, Increases LDL, Pulmonary fibrosis, CNS effects, Hyper/hypothyroidism, Asymptomatic corneal deposits, peripheral Neuropathy, GI dysfunction, Enhances the effects of warfarin/digoxin
karl davies
Lines of treatment of pulmonary oedema:
Digoxin, Oxygen, Lasix, Morfine, Aminophylline. (Dolma is a very famous food in the middle east.)
Sharaf Karim
"MONA" treatment for acute MI.
Morphine, Oxygen, Nitrate, Aspirin
Jignesh Shah
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Signs of cor pulmonale:
Peripheral oedema, Raised JVP, Hepatomegaly, Tricuspid incompetence
Manorama Bhattarai
POVR-T (poverty)
Tetrology of Fallot leads to a "poverty" of oxygen because:
Pulmonary Stenosis; Overriding Aorta; Ventricular Septal Defect; Right Ventricular Hypertrophy = Tetrology of Fallot
Chethan Sarabu
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